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Agronomist Specialist (Officer) Job Description

Development and Partnership in Action (DPA)


Job Title:          Agronomist Specialist (Officer)

Programme:     Integrated Community Development Programme (ICDP)

Job Grade: 8

Location: Based in the province

Report to: Provincial Project Manager (PPM), Regional Programme Coordinator (RPC), ICD Programme Manager and Executive Director (ED)

Last Updated: 8th August 2018


Under the general guidance of Executive Director, the ICDPM and RPC, the incumbent is responsible for implementation of the related ICD programme under the ICD Programme. Major specific duties and responsibilities in descending order of importance are:


Tasks % of time
       1. Programme Management:

  • Collaborate with the Provincial Project Managers of ICD-Kampong Thom and Stung Treng and their teams, Regional Programme Manager and Marketing and Agribusiness Specialist to broaden the scope, quality and organic standards of Agriculture Cooperative (AC) and Agriculture Group (AG) crops;
  • Conduct research and development research reports, technical notes to increase, identify new/traditional crops, increase quality and crop yields for smallholder farmers within a climate risk environment;
  • Provide technical input tailored to the local farming activities’ methods, crop seasonality, needs and challenges for climate resilient farming;
  • Provide technical input on the identification of project target areas with high irrigation potential and need for irrigation improvement for crop production;
  • Provide technical input to development of agricultural model/strategy towards organic certification of AC and or AG groups farming produce and demonstrate technical practice of particular topics to AG members;
  • Work closely with relevant actors in the agriculture sector to identify successful introduction of farmers in the production of quality produce;
  • Coordinate with CDFs and COs in facilitating the development of Cultivation’s Production Plan of AGs and AC members.
  • Support ACs in certification rice based on good agricultural practice and organic standard requirement and set-up an Internal Control System to safeguard the integrity of the GAP and organic quality of their products;
  • Together with PPM, APPM, CDFs and COs of both teams to develop Annual Operational Indicator Activity Plan (AOIAP) through a participatory process and ensure timely implementation of the project activities in line with work plans and activity schedules and jointly facilitate the monthly activity plan at programme level or weekly planning review;
  • Provide technical assistance for the design of the project’s monitoring and evaluation strategy;
  • Support in developing M&E system to measure profitability and relevant business indicators of targeted farmers;
  • Facilitate each team to make analysis and update information on demands and supplies for AGs and Agriculture Cooperatives (ACs);
  • Facilitate monthly meeting with each team including Marketing and Agribusiness Specialist to make analysis and update information on supplies and demands for AGs and ACs;
  • Facilitate the teams (every six-month) to ensure that the milestones and targets in the logframe are achieved;
  • Work with DPA Procurement and Admin Officer to map out input suppliers (companies) to provide quality of inputs (seeds and agricultural tools);
  • Facilitate the field data collection and analyse the data for monitoring the milestones and targets and reporting;
  • Collect and classify, analyse information, events that may effect development programme and disseminate to staff and report to PPM and RPC;
  • Together with Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer (MELO) and team members to develop the M&E plan;
  • Together with MELO and team members design monitoring tools that respond to means of verification to collect information and analyse the results for annual report or baseline report;
  • Together with team, MELO and RPC, organise and provide inputs to improve the strategy, process and content of the formal and informal training on monthly basis or any research as needed;
  • Together with PPM, APPM and team to assess the quality of the AGs, SHSGs and AC functioning and provide the capacity building support against the recommendations;
  • Work closely with the Gender and Development Officer, to facilitate the team to understand the situation of women and come up with the strategies for better integrating gender into AGs, SHSGs and AC;
  • Together with CDFs and COs, stay overnight in the village to prepare the process and contents for village planning and especially to enhance the regular community leadership meetings (both sector meetings) at commune and district level;
  • Frequently visit the target villages and attend the AG, SHSG and AC meeting to assess the achievement and test the stakeholder’s interest and improve the function and management of the groups; and
  • Conduct assessment to prepare and response to any emergencies events happening in the target communities and formulate proposal to take actions.
     2. Technical and Training Responsibilities:


  • Design and edit information kits/hand-outs/manual of related to agriculture and livelihoods;
  • Provide capacity development activities to CDFs, COs, and AG and AC leaders;
  • Identify outside resource persons to provide training on technical areas (good agricultural practice, organic) for AGs, SHSGs and ACs;
  • Attend the monthly sector network meetings and keep the RPC, ICDPM and ED informed regarding the issues and joined NGOs activities related to the agriculture and livelihood; and
  • Act as a contact\resource person for all DPA programmes related to the agriculture and livelihood and provide technical assistance or training as needed by the ICDPM and ED.
     3. Internal Coordination within DPA:


  • Coordinate with the both projects on joint scheduling and planning efforts; and
  • Participate regularly in organisational meetings including Leadership and staff meetings and ICD meeting with rotation of chairperson and minute taking duties.
      4. External Coordination and Networking:


  • Establish and strengthen collaboration and coordination with other NGOs, concerned government departments and local authorities;
  • Strengthen collaboration and coordination with other NGOs and concerned government departments in area of value chain and marketing of agricultural products; and
  • Represent DPA in the agriculture and livelihood network meeting organised by NGOF, other NGOs in the target provincial or national level.
      5. Administration Management:


  • Translate and disseminate information, reports related to DPA policy and ICD programme to staff and concerned Agencies;
  • Write up the programme report (monthly, quarterly, six-month, annual and completion); and
  • Ensure the general filing systems in relation to agriculture and livelihood are properly kept and up to date and kept confidentially.
     6. Personnel Management:


  • Coordinate with PPM and APPM and recommend staff development activities;
  • Facilitate regular meeting with staff and counterparts to refresh the team dynamic;
  • Together with PPM and APPM to provide coaching and job training to the staffs; and
  • Together with PPM and APPM to identify the staff readiness and assess capacity building needs.
      7. Financial Management:


  • Join the team to develop the annual budget and monitor the budget against the Annual Operation Plan properly.
  • Monitor expenditure by projects and the balance remaining of each budget items and provide the justifications for the overspend and underspend budget lines.
  • Support the PPM, APPM and Procurement and Admin Officer to carry out the procurement process.
  • Support PPM and APP in ensuring overall compliance with policies.
      8. Other Assignments at the Organisational Level:


  • Participate in other assignments at the organisational levels such as staff recruitment, Reflection, and meetings, etc.
  • Assist ED in other tasks as needed.

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