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DPA Annual Funding Partner’s Meeting 2016

DPA organized Annual Partnership Meeting from 22 to 23 November 2016 at DPA Office.

  • The main agenda of the meeting are as following:

Day 1, Tuesday, 22 November

  1. Current Cambodian development issues and impacts on DPA works
    i) Current Cambodian context and enabling environment for CSOs before elections; ii) Land and logging issues; iii) Extractive industry; iv) Agriculture; and v) Gender and development;
  1. DPA programme highlights
  • ICD Programme
  • Partnership Programme
  • Development Education and Advocacy Programme
  • DPA-Extractive Industry Social Environmental Impact project
  • Engage in policy dialogues

Day 2, Wednesday, 23 November

  1. Discussion about new DPA Strategic Plan 2017-21 
  2. Finance
    1. Update on budget expenditures 2016
    2. Overview the accumulated surplus of DPA
    3. Budget for 2017 and funding grid 2017
    4. Contribution of grant from funding partners for 2017
  3. Funding Partners’ updated country strategies

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