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JOB DESCRIPTION of SPIRIT –Project Assistant  


Position:           SPIRIT –Project Assistant

Department:      Partnership and Advocacy Programme (PAP)

Location:          Phnom Penh

Report to:         – SPIRIT Advocacy Project Officer

Mr. Kim Sereikith- Programme Manager

Under the general guidance of the Project Officer and Programme Manager, the incumbent is responsible for implementation of the SPIRIT Project supported by the Cord and EU (01 April 2019-31 December, 2021). Major specific duties and responsibilities in descending order of importance are:

Tasks % of time
1- Administration Management

  • Ensure that the project documents and advocacy fillings are maintained properly and confidentially and kept up to date.
  • Participate with programme team in preparing Annual Operational Indicator Activity Plan (AOIAP) and reports of the project achievements.
  • Assist in communicating with relevant people to inform and get information in implementing the project activities, and disseminate DPA profile.
2- Personnel Management

  • Coordinate with human resource management officer to develop capacity building activities for self development including conducting TNA and coordinating planning,
  • Build the team works and solidarity with all staff within the unit and all DPA programme.
  • Follow organisational working discipline, regulation, policies and procedures
  • Rotate in organising the monthly and bi-monthly staff meeting and as minute taker
3-  Financial Management

·         Prepare and submit the cash advance and clearance to Programme Officer on time

·         Assist Programme Officer in preparing budget plan

·         Assist Programme Officer in payments and preparing list of project expenditures (per diem, accommodation and travel costs) for special project activities

·         Assist the DPA Procurement Committee to quote the price of IEC of materials publication and service delivery, needed for the project.

4- Programme Management

  • Participate with programme staff to develop project proposal, AOIAP and write project reports
  • Coordinate with ICD-Programme staff, network members and relevant stakeholders to organise trainings, workshops, meetings, public forums/conferences related to land and Natural Resource Governance issues.
  • Coordinate with ICD-Programme staff and community focal persons to monitor the project progress achievements, emerging issues on land and natural resource rights issues and report to line supervisors on time.
  • Assist the line supervisors in collecting information and evidences on land and natural resource rights issues and document for advocacy purposes
  • Assist the programme officer and line managers to collect information and review EIA repots
  • Assist the programme officer to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue forum
  • Assist the line supervisors in strengthening collaboration and coordination with NGOs network, other NGOs, local authorities and concerned government departments, and private sector
  • Do networking with other NGO network member organisations at sub-national and national levels to support and facilitate affected communities to deal on land and natural resource rights issues and promote CSR practice of agribusiness and mining companies.
  • Assist the programme officer and line managers to formulate concept, Strategy and process to better implement the current project activities related to advocacy work.
  • Update information and share advocacy experiences on land, NRM and FPIC and CSR practices during DPA meeting (PAP, ICD and staff meetings)
  • Involve in Information, education and Communication (IEC) materials publication and dissemination,
  • Collect information and prepare presentation related to project activities for line supervisors and ED, while needed.
5- Technical and Training Responsibilities

  • Attend regularly advocacy meetings, workshops, etc. and keep the line managers informed regarding the issues and planned joint activities with other DPA programmes and NGOs.
  • Act as contact/resource person for DEAP-R2F project related advocacy and provide technical or training assistance as requested by line supervisors.
6- Internal Coordination within DPA

  • Coordinate with the all DPA programme teams on joint scheduling and planning efforts, especially with Advocacy team.
  • Participating in regular departmental and organizational meetings including staff meeting, leadership meeting and PAP meeting with rotation of chairperson and minute taking duties.
7- External Coordination and Networking

  • Represent DPA in meeting and workshops and other events related to advocacy and development organized by Government, NGO agencies in the DPA’s target provinces.
8- Other assignment at Organisational level

  • Participate in other assignments at the organizational level such as staff recruitment, Reflection, etc.
  • Assist line supervisors in other tasks as needed.

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