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Provincial Project Manager (PPM) Job Description

Development and Partnership in Action (DPA)


Job Title:        Provincial Project Manager (PPM)

Programme: Integrated Community Development Programme (ICDP)

Job Grade: 8

Location: Based in the province

Report to: ICD Programme Manager (ICDPM) and Executive Director (ED)

Supervises: Assistant Provincial Project Manager (APPM) and Community Development Facilitators (CDFs) and other support staff in the province.

Last Updated: 27th February 2014


Under the general guidance of Executive Director and the ICDPM, the incumbent is responsible for implementation of the related ICD programme under the ICD Programme. Major specific duties and responsibilities in descending order of importance are:


Task % of time
  1. Administration Management:


  • Translate and disseminate information, reports related to DPA policy and ICD programme to staff and concerned Agencies.
  • Responsible in producing monthly update, six and annual reports and other information as requested by line managers.
  • Ensure the general filing systems are properly kept and up to date and kept confidentially.
  • Ensure the security within the office and for the staff while working in the field.
  • Coordinate with the admin staff to register fixed assets.


     2. Personnel Management:


  • Conduct annual job performance appraisal of APPM, CDFs and support staff and report and recommend the salary increment to ICDPM.
  • Approve staff leave and report to ICDPM.
  • Coordinate with ICDPM and recommend staff development activities through collaboration with APPM.
  • Conduct regular meeting with staff and counterparts to refresh the team dynamic.
  • Together with APPM responsible to handle staff conflict within the team and report to ICDPM.
  • Consult with the ICDPM and make decision to hire temporary additional local labour and report to manager.
  • Appoint staff to take responsible for any urgent short-term assignments.
  • Together with APPM to provide coaching and job training to the staffs.
  • Together with APPM to study all contract termination, resignations and dismissal cases of staff and recommend to ICDPM.
  • Together with APPM to identify the staff readiness and assess capacity building needs.
  • Manage the human resource development activities for the staffs including conducting Training Need Assessment, coordinating planning and appraisal of staff training activities and ensuring that adequate reporting and follow-up is done afterwards.
      3. Financial Management:


  • Facilitate the team to develop the annual budget and monitor the budget against the Annual Operation Plan properly.
  • Responsible in budgeting the quarterly, and monthly cash request and liquidate the cash advance and collection of the cash advance from the bank.
  • Ensure all financial transactions are respond to the requirement of the admin and account manual.
  • Monitor expenditure by projects and the balance remaining of each budget items.
  • Coordinate with Human Resource Management and Admin Officer to carry out the procurement process.
  • Coordinate with APPM and Admin and Account officer to produce financial statement and internal auditing and report to line managers.
  • Oversee the salary payment for staff and counterparts.
  • Ensure that the cash and ledger books are properly prepared and kept.
  • Supervise the cash flow, bankbooks of the community bank account that deposit in the local banks.
  • Follow up and take action with staff to document reasons for variances and take necessary measures to ensure overall compliance with policies.
  • Ensure that all cash advance requests from the staffs are clear in line with budgeted programme activities prior to approval on a monthly basis.
     4. Programme Management:


  • Facilitate the monthly activity plan at programme level or weekly planning review.
  • Coordinate with the Admin and Account unit to provide technical support to the community stakeholders.
  • Together with ICDPM, APPM, CDFs develop project proposal, Annual Operational Indicator Activity Plan (AOIAP) through a participatory process.
  • Develop a guideline for staff and counterparts to collect the information and monitor the progress of the programme on monthly basis.
  • Collect and classify, analyse information, events that may effect development programme and disseminate to staff and report to ICDPM.
  • Together with M&E Officer and team design tools that respond to means of verification to collect information and analyse the results for annual report or baseline report.
  • Together with team and M&E Officers, organise and provide inputs to improve the strategy, process and content of the formal and informal training on monthly basis or any research as needed.
  • Together with ICDPM and APPM to develop guidelines to assess the progress of the capacity building of staff, counterparts and community development leaders at commune, village and group levels and monitor the progress.
  • In collaboration with ICDPM, M&E Officers, and Partnership Programme staff as needed to formulate concept notes, strategies, process and concrete action plan for phasing out from the current activities, projects and programme.
  • Check with concerned community individual household or groups to ensure that inputs, or benefits are properly delivered to intended beneficiaries.
  • Ensure that inputs are used efficiently and effectively and make recommendations for further improvement.
  • Conduct assessment to develop internal and external coordination actions to incorporate into the programme activity plan and monitor the progress.
  • Ensure that a high level of participation of women in all capacity building activities and identify ideas and methods for the team to do the analysis of gender involvement and better integrate women into the programme activities.
  • Together with concerned staff and community development leaders, stay overnight in the village to prepare the process and contents for village planning and especially to enhance the regular community leadership meetings (both sector and managerial meetings) at commune and district level. (Approx. 3 times/month)
  • Frequently visit the target villages and attend the interest groups meeting to assess the achievement and test the stakeholder’s interest. (Approx. 8 visits/month)
  • Frequently visit the poorest families to evaluate their interests and assess the feasibility for assisting them with the special interventions and monitor the progress. (Approx. 4 visits/month).
  • Conduct assessment to prepare and response to any emergencies events happening in the target communities and formulate proposal to take actions.
     5. Technical and Training Responsibilities:


    • Identify possible outside resource person and training institutes for trainings and workshop for the community stakeholders or the programme.
    • Attend the monthly sector meetings and keep the ICDPM and ED informed regarding the issues and planned joined NGOs activities related to this topic.
    • Act as a contact\resource person for all DPA programmes related to the topics of ………………… and provide technical assistance or training as needed by the ICDPM and ED.
      6. Internal Coordination within DPA:

  • Coordinate with the all DPA teams on joint scheduling and planning efforts, especially the PP and DEAP
  • Participate regularly in organizational meetings including Leadership and staff meetings and ICD meeting with rotation of chairperson and minute taking duties.
  • Attend the PP meeting and DEAP meeting as requested by the ICDPM.
     7. External Coordination and Networking:

  • Represent DPA in meeting related to development and advocacy issues organised by Government, NGO agencies in the target provincial or national level.
     8. Other Assignments at the Organisational Level:

  • Participate in other assignments at the organisational levels such as staff recruitment, Reflection, meetings, draft ToR, etc.
  • Assist ED in other tasks as needed.



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