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Strategic Objectives and Outcomes (PP Menu)

Strategic Overview
The PD works with and through partner CNGOs and CBOs to strengthen their capacity to contribute to development in target areas. The PD will adopt CO and RB approaches in its work. It will facilitate partner CNGOs and CBOs adopting CO and RB approaches in their practice.

Program Objectives

Goals :
Strengthen civil society by supporting grass-roots Cambodian NGOs and Community–Based Organizations to achieve their mission of improving the quality of life of target beneficiaries.
Objectives :
Partner organisations will foster their VDA and target beneficiaries’ participation in decentralisation and local governance in order to promote the accountability and transparency of CCs and local government.
Partner organisations will have developed their capacity in negotiation, lobbying and advocacy to respond effectively to issues raised by target beneficiaries and link those issues to debates and campaigns at national and regional levels.
Partner organisations will have improved their capacity to implement and manage programmes that respond to the needs of the community.
Partner organisations will have achieved the integration of gender and the women’s movement into all projects and will have promoted women’s involvement in social and development work.
Partner organisations will have improved their capacity to develop organisations/institutions with emphasis on the CCC’s Code of Ethical Principles and Minimum Standards for NGOs Good Practice in Cambodia.