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Raising Awareness at the Village Level On Extractive Industry Resource Revenue and Impact in Mondulk

EI Impact and Revenue Officers, in cooperation with ICD staff, organized two village-level meetings aimed at raising awareness about extractive industry (EI) resource revenue and impact. The first was held in Poukong village, Sreprah commune, Keoseima district, Mondolkiri province on 2 February 2010 and lasted half a day.
There were thirty six participants (20 women) from the POKONG village, all of whom represent indigenous minorities. The second meeting was held in TeuN commune, Kounmom distict, Ratanakiri province on 4 February 2010 and also lasted half a day. There were 30 participants (3 women) form TERN and Kambak villages—again, all indigenous.
The purpose of these meetings was to educate the villagers on the basics of extractive industry issues in Cambodia and identify any and all concerns of the community. Additionally, DPA officers used the opportunity to test methods of how to educate communities in a way that is effective and incorporates villagers’ requests for educational programming.

Collaborate with CRRT to organize lobbying and public campaigns on EI resource revenue management

DEA staff, in coordination with CRRT, organized two public forums in the last month of 2009 and the first month of 2010. The first forum was held in Mondulkiri Province on 15 December 2009 at Aruneach Gesthouse and was attended by 272 participants. The second was held in Sihanoukville Province on 22 January 2010 at Kompong Som City Hotel with 275 participants. Read more…

Build positive relationship with relevant government officials and institutions

On 20 November 2009, Mr. Mam Sambath, was invited to give a presentation on “Oil and Gas Management in Cambodia: New Developments” at a parliamentary breakfast briefing workshop at the National Assembly. Read more…

Public Awareness Raising on Extractive Industry Operations

Cambodians for Resource Revenue Transparency (CRRT) conducted two forums in the provincial towns of Battambang and Mondulkiri provinces, respectively, in September and December 2009 with more than 500 people in attendance. Read more…

CRRT Public Forum in Sihanouk Villle

CRRT hosted a public forum in Sihanoukville on January 15th, 2010.  Participants came from the surrounding areas to hear explanations of oil, gas, and mining basics as well as to get updates on the current situation in Cambodia.  Speakers included representatives from various civil society organizations, who also took questions from the audience at the end of their presentations.