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Community drinking water station

The drinking water station in Dak Dam commune, now, can supply the water from 35 to 40 HHs (approximately 210 household members; 86 females) a day for people living in three villages (Pu Chhab, Pu Laes, and Pu Treang). The price of water per tank which contain 20 litters cost 2,000 KHR (approximately 0.5 US$) compare to the private is cost 4,000 riel or (approximately one US$). Net income from the sale is 1,203,000 KHR (approximately 300 US$) besides spending on buying tools to fix the water station. The community management committee of water station properly managed this income and expense as they received bookkeeping skills from the team. The team continue to consult and coach the committee members for making better business of this project.