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Strengthening the capacity of Village Development Committees, Village Volunteer Specialists, and Interest Groups to be participatory, gender sensitive and are able to coordinate and manage their own development activities.
Improving food security by supporting sustainable upland agriculture and by providing predominantly in kind credits.
Improving health and sanitation practices of all households by providing clean water and community based health education and information with a strong focus on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis awareness and prevention.
Increasing literacy and improve educational opportunities, especially for women and girls in indigenous ethnic groups.
Enhancing access to natural resources and land tenure security of indigenous ethnic groups in collaboration with NGOs and government offices.
Endorsing collaboration in development planning and programming between Commune Council and grassroots Civil Society associations.
Support Trapeang Chres communities to become legal Community Based Organization.

Target Beneficiaries
Ratanakiri province is composed of 9 districts with a total population of 111,403 (56,411 or 50.64 percent women). It covers 11,052 kilometers with mountainous and plain areas. The province has a sparse population density of 9.9 persons per square kilometer (2003 estimated). More than 80 percent of the population is composed of ethnic minorities: Kreung, Tampuan, Jorai, Preuv, Kachok, Kaveth, Phnong and Lao. About 13 percent of the population is Khmer. Ratanakiri borders Laos and Vietnam.

CIDSE’s target area includes three districts with both lowland and upland areas: Kon Mom, O’ Chum, and Andong Meas. The program works with Kreung, Tampuan, Jorai, and Khmer in 28 villages of 5 communes in the 3 districts.

The population in the 28 target villages is 10,451 (5,394 or 51.61 percent women and 2,246 households), with the following breakdown:

  • Malik Commune (Andong Meas district) composed of 5 villages with a population of 1,734 (872 or 50.28 percent women, 357 households).
  • Tropeang Chres Commune (Kon Mom district) composed of 4 villages with a population of 2,326 (1,142 or 49.10 percent women, 485 households).
  • Toeun Commune (Kon Mom district) composed of 6 villages with a population of 2,123 (1,163 or 54.78 percent women, 478 households).
  • Ta Ang Commune-Kon Mom district composed of 5 villages with a population of 2,165 people (1,124 or 51.92 percent women, 502 households).
  • Chan Commune-O’ Chum district composed of 8 villages with a population of 2,103people (1,093 or 51.97 percent women, 491households).

Interim Reports (Acrobat linked)
External Evaluation Report

DPA ICD Ratanakiri
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