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CIDSE began funding Cambodian Non-Governmental Organizations (CNGOs) in 1993 and formally established the Partnership Programme (PP) in 1994. The partnership programme works with grassroots organisations (CNGOs and ACs) that contributed to the overall goals and mission of DPA and shows an increase of capacity among the partners, as measured by the capacity assessment system (CAS). PP has all necessary systems, tools and capacity development materials in place and has largely achieved what it set out to do during the 2017-2019-programme phase.
Currently, the PP supports and works with ten partner organizations, of which two are CNGOs, seven are Agricultural Cooperatives (ACs) and one is AC Union working to improve food security and increasing income generation through contract farming and organizational development. The PP works and cooperates closely with DPA’s Development Education and Advocacy (DEA) project in gender mainstreaming and women empowerment, and advocacy as well as DPA programmes and departments such as the Integrated Community Development Programmes (ICD) and Finance and Administration Department (FAD) on other related capacity building and financial audits.

PP has been developing the capacity of AC and CNGO partners on institutional development. PP also financially supported CNGO partners to respond to their target beneficiaries on food security, income generation. Based on partners’ need assessment with their target group and partner project review and appraisal with CNGO partners, all partners will scale up the focus on safe production for marketing in the context of climate change. In order to achieve the partners’ community needs, PP will continue to support institutional capacity building and small funding to the partners.