Project Goal and Objective

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The overall goal of ICD Stung Treng is to support ethnic minority, indigenous and vulnerable communities to establish and manage their own governance structures to achieve sustainable improvements in their quality of life in four communes of Sesan district, Stung Treng Province.

The objectives of ICD Stung Treng are:

  1. To build the capacity of development actors to plan and coordinate their own village development activities in a way that is participatory, and gender and culturally sensitive.
  2. To support communities to manage and protect natural resources through Natural Resource Management (NRM) planning, networking, building awareness of the relevant national laws and establishing agreements with government authorities.
  3. To support communities to improve agricultural production and village livelihoods through introduction and trial of appropriate agricultural technologies, training, farmer-to-farmer exchanges, and cooperative marketing.
  4. To improve the health and sanitation practices of all households, especially indigenous households, by providing clean water and community-based health education with a strong focus on HIV/AIDS and malaria awareness and prevention.
  5. To improve educational opportunities and the ability of children and adults, especially women and girls to read and write Khmer language, numeracy and other knowledge related to their daily life.
  6. To support the Prov and Phnong indigenous communities to preserve and document traditions and cultural practices.