Project Goal and Objective

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The overall goal of ICD Ratanakiri is to achieve through partnership a sustainable improvement in the quality of life of the people, especially the indigenous communities, in the 28 target villages of Ratanakiri province.

The objectives of ICD Ratanakiri are:

  1. To strengthen the capacity of Village Development Committees (VDCs) to plan and coordinate development activities, and to strengthen the capacity of village interest groups, project committee and village volunteer specialists to plan and manage their own activities in a way that is participatory and gender sensitive.
  2. To improve food security of the beneficiaries in the 28 target villages by supporting sustainable upland and lowland agricultural techniques, sustainable income generation and cooperative activities
  3. To enhance access to natural resources and land tenure security of indigenous communities in collaboration with NGOs and government offices.
  4. To improve the health and sanitation practices of all households by providing clean water as well as community-based health education and information with a strong focus on HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria awareness and prevention.
  5. To improve educational opportunities, the ability to use Khmer language, numeracy and other knowledge related to the daily life of children and adults
  6. To support the four villages in Trapeang Chres commune to become a legal Community-Based Organizations
  7. To endorse collaboration between Commune Councils and grassroots civil society associations in all five communes in regards to development planning and programming, as well as to promote local governance.
  8. To ensure a good operational environment for all of DPA’s initiatives in target areas to support indigenous communities in helping themselves to attain rights, protect their own interests and solve issues affecting them.