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Please note that these days all DPA offices(Phnom Penh and Province) will be closed, and staff will be given a holiday.

There are 18 public holidays for Cambodian staff.

This calendar is effective January 1, 2021


 Date Title
1 January Friday International New Year (1 day)
7 February Thursday Victory Day on the Genocidal Regime (1 day)
8 March Monday International New Year (1 day)
14,15,16 April Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Khmer New Year Day (3 days)
26 April Monday Visakha Bochea Day (1 day)
14 May Thursday King’s Birth Day (1 day)
18 June Friday Queen Mother's Birthday (1 day)
5,6,7 October Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Pchum Ben Day (3 days)
15 October Friday King Farther's Commemoration Day ( 1 day)
29 October Friday King's Coronation Day (1 day)
9 November Tuesday Independence Day (1 day)
18,20,22 November Thursday, Friday, and Monday Water Festival (1 day)
Total Number of Public Holiday 18 Working Days