Training workshop on Alternate Deputes Resolution

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A training workshop on Alternative Depute Resolution (ADR) organized by DPA-PAP-EI programme funded by Oxfam. The Objective of this ADR course is to build up a very practical and applicable ARD within target communities under DPA-EISEI and local partners’ constituencies. The training took for 2days from 3-4 October 2019 at Sen Han hotel in Phnom Penh, which about 46participant in 07 Females attended. This had employed key methodologies included: customized training model and participatory learning approaches; actual cases’ reflection, and extensive mentoring and coaching as per required; sort interactive presentation with visualized aids showing, including documentary films showing and; group discussions with included class-room’ assignments for initial phases and/or next steps. Following the results of post-test shown that at least 78% of participant well understood the content outline of training such as: Negotiation; Mediation and Conciliation approaches if compared to pre-test result. Last but not least, the participant committed to apply this this knowledge experience to their filed work activity as well as sharing to other stakeholders.